Interview with Dawn Curran of EarthNerd in Tacoma


What makes this shop uniquely Tacoma?

I don’t think my products necessarily project Tacoma but they are made here & inspired by this city I love to live in. I locally source as many of my supplies as I can. For example the dandelion seeds and the majority of the feathers that I use in my necklaces were donated from the yards of friends that live here in Tacoma. The wood necklaces and earrings are cut from fallen branches found in local parks and yards. Most of my other supplies come from nearby Pacific Northwest cities.

What inspires your art and jewelry?

I’m inspired by nature, old fashioned ways & other crafters. I find inspiration when I’m in my happy places weather it be in the woods hiking and shooting my long bow, in a vintage store or at a craft show.


Do you have a physical location or sell your wares in and around the South Sound? (I know you consign at Urban XChange, for example?)

I currently don’t have my own store but it’s on my wish list. You can find EarthNerd body care & jewelry at several Tacoma retail locations: UrbanXchange, American Ritual Tattoo, Embellish Salon & Ephemeral Designs. You can also find my creations online in my Etsy store

lip balmsIt looks like you try to use natural/up-cycled materials. Is that right? If so, can you touch on that briefly?

I try to use found or donated objects in the making of my handmade jewelry. I started making herbal concoctions after studying herbalism on my own & taking primitive skills classes. I wanted to make simple natural products that worked on my own sensitive skin. My body care products are made with minimal ingredients without harsh fragrances or synthetic additives.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about EarthNerd? Please explain in the space below.

I invite people who are interested in my nature/vintage inspired products to visit me at a craft fair to sample my body care products and to hear first hand the stories of how my jewelry is made.

shave kit

Upcoming EarthNerd scheduled events: Urban Shopping & Cocktails which is the 3rd Saturday of each month (April 18th & May 16th 2-6pm) Music & Art in Wright Park Saturday August 8th12-7pm

Current products offered by EarthNerd

List of current EarthNerd products: Basic body care -Soaps, lip balms, skin & muscle salves & face oils. For men – Whisker Wax, Beard Oil, shave soap kits. Jewelry – Hand Blown Glass Orbs – with dandelion seeds, Calendula flower petals or feathers. Custom pet fur memorial orbs. Wood Cut – Necklaces & earrings. Button earrings

You can follow EarthNerd here:

Twitter @EarthNerd253

Dawn Curran

Creator & Owner at EarthNerd


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