Interview with South Sound Artist Jason Steinberg


What makes this shop uniquely Tacoma? 

Well my shop name, TacomaArt, says it all. While I feel most of what I create is intended for, and purchased by Tacomans, it’s been great to have an audience outside of WA, too – they’re usually people that moved from Tacoma and feel homesick or nostalgic, or they’re gifts for a family member or friend that moved away. My work is all about Tacoma.

What inspires your art, prints, wares and wearables? 

Tacoma is an incredible city for artistic inspiration! For starters, the overall city architecture is beautiful- amazing stuff everywhere. Historic buildings. Cool houses. Way cool bridges. Dozens of small, iconic and often eccentric buildings. Murals. Statues. Graffiti. Docks. Steel. Glass… Tons to look at everywhere. And all of this is of course set to a backdrop of really GIGANTIC iconic structures- we really have a lot of those here. And then there’s the Mountain. I love the City part of Tacoma, but I find that the various parks are really where it’s at. Point Defiance Park in particular. (It’s vital that I get daily doses of my three “W”s: Wildlife, Water and Woods…) And to have such immediate access to both on a daily is really a special thing. And to be surrounded by people that feel the same way is fantastic. I’m always coming up with ideas for my next piece or photo series from my daily adventures in Tacoma.

Do you have a physical location or sell your wares in and around the South Sound? 

Currently you can find a good selection of my Tacoma Photography at Artco Crafts and Framing on 6th Ave., along with my Tacoma car decals, which have been a popular item there.


It looks like you try to use natural/up-cycled materials. Is that right? If so, can you touch on that briefly? 

Yes, I visit a lot of thrift stores here and I grab items that I think can be fixed or repurposed to become decorative and/or functional items. Usually these are vintage picture frames or vases or clocks, and a lot of glassware, too- things that I can add to. And then I merge/adorn these with a lot of natural materials common to Tacoma: mosses and lichens and driftwood and shells… I always want my pieces to reflect Tacoma in some way, to pay tribute to it.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about your shop? Please explain in the space below. 

My etsy shop gets stocked in waves- typically I work on several unique pieces or a photography series for a time, and then I put them all out there at once, so I’m the kind of shop you can wait to visit once every few weeks to find new handmade items. But of course my Tacoma Decals and T-shirts are always available! And I do custom work- just send me a message through FB, instagram or Etsy!

TacomaArt (Jason Steinberg)


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