Interview with Bob & Olivia Kriva of Lazy Porcupine


What makes this shop uniquely Tacoma?

We moved to Tacoma about a year ago from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Our main draw to this area was the city of Tacoma itself and the abundance of natural beauty in every direction, which has inspired many of our newer scents.  All of our candles are made right here in Tacoma.

What inspires your scents and their adorable names? When do you usually release new aromas?

Our scents are mainly inspired by the great outdoors, as we both love hiking and camping.  Many of our candle scents are layered and complex, which helps us get more creative in determining names that evoke a place or idea.  Before we choose to sell any particular scent, the deciding factor is whether or not we both enjoy the fragrance.  There are quite a few candle sellers out there, and we feel like the creativity in our fragrance names and label designs is what really makes our candles unique.  We release new candle scents as we find them, and some are season-specific.

il_570xN.748677100_82e8Do you have a physical location or sell your wares in and around the South Sound?

Currently, all of our sales are through our Etsy shop and in person.  We are definitely interested in expanding into retail at some point, especially in local shops.

It looks like you try to use all natural materials. Is that right? If so, can you touch on that?

We try to use materials that have minimal environmental impact without affecting the quality of the product.  We only use soy wax, which burns significantly cleaner and longer than paraffin.  All of our candles are dye-free, which also provides a cleaner burn.  We also make sure that our fragrances are phthalate free.

Bob and Olivia Kriva


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