Interview with Pepper Pots Nail Artiste Mackenzie Putscher


What makes this shop uniquely Tacoma? 

I don’t necessarily think my brand is specifically “Tacoma”, but rather embodies an idea, or concept, of feminism. My original plan with this brand was to make beauty products and cosmetic techniques more accessible to the every day women, and to for it to represent how she feels about the world around her. All of my products are a bit tongue in cheek, have a bit of a skewed view, and I love knowing that the women buying these products share that same viewpoint. To me, it’s about having a great sense of humor, being confident, being outlandish and going out into the world and just taking over.


What inspires your cosmetics?
Typically, I’m inspired by bright colors, tacky patterns, music, movies…anything that’s surrounding me a the moment. When I first started Pepper Pot I had been watching “Heathers”, so of course I had darker, moody colors and named them after some of my favorite characters and lines from the movie. It really can be anything, as long as it evokes a response from me.

Do you have a physical location or sell your wares in and around the South Sound? 

I primarily sell online through Etsy and the Farmer’s Markets(when it’s the correct season) but there are some local shops in Tacoma that carry my polish line. Embellish Salon has always been super supportive and buys my seasonal line as it’s released. They’re a great salon with awesome stylists and I couldn’t recommend them more. I’ve recently developed a relationship with The Nearsighted Narwhal, a gift shop on 6th Avenue that carries locally made gifts. They also have a huge selection of zines, books, buttons, bags, anything and everything! They’re super rad.


Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about your shop?

I’ve expanded my brand! I’ve started making lip gloss to compliment(or clash with!) my nail polish line, and have those online for purchase. In the next few months I will also be releasing loose eye shadows and possibly eye liner. I’m also currently collaborating with another great women who makes AMAZING handbags(Atlas Past). Together, we’re creating a travel makeup bag that will be sold with a couple of nail polishes and a lip gloss for the lady who plans on going on some super fun summer adventures. Release date TBD. I’ve got a lot of product in the works!

I’ve got so many artistic people I love to hit up for presents…where do I even begin?? Christy Reedy at Libertine Tacoma Gourmet Culinary Salts, Sugars, Herb & Alchemic Apothecary makes(what else??) delicious salt and sugar(and so much more!) creations that make the perfect gift any time of the year. Dawn Curran of Earth Nerd makes the best lip balms I’ve had in a long while, along with jewelry I just adore. Brooke Mclaughlin of AtlasPast has the best handbags I’ve seen in a long time(and we’re partnering up! Everyone wins with collaboration!), and she makes cool cosies for beer cans in the summer. Kendra Varadi of KV Apothecary makes the best body balm EVER and I can’t seem to keep enough of it in my house.

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