AWESOME! Rain Activated Art brings smiles in the downpour

Peregrine Church has some amazing ideas on how to make the world a sunnier place…just not literally. Read about his Rain Activated Art and how he’s making rainy days in Seattle more memorable.

Q13 FOX News

Rain1 Church’s first Rain Activated Art Piece

SEATTLE — One of the highlights on Broadway is the art installation Dancers’ Series: Steps. Created in the early 80s, the engraved dance steps — showing instructions for dances from the Foxtrot to the Tango — are a treat for anyone walking down the sidewalk. Many pause and mimic the steps. Some just catch them in a glimpse, caught by the bronze.

Peregrine Church admires the Steps and their ability to add a bit of happiness to the daily stroll.

Now Church, 21, has created what he hopes will be viewed as his own step-like art, just with a different twist.

Rather than engraved in bronze, Church uses a biologically friendly superhydrocoating to paint inspirational phrases on sidewalks only visible when it rains. So far Church has only created two pieces, but it’s already gaining attention around Seattle and the Internet. Church’s “Rain Activated…

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