What if you doubled your fees? Tomorrow?

I loved this article that I recently came across, and I wanted to share it with the world. Alas, there were no share buttons on this particular site. But it’s too good not to pass along.

Check it out…

Years ago there was a cranky old freelancer I looked up to. He was an artist and illustrator who had made his own way since the days of Mad Men.

He did brilliant work. Made piles of money. He was in demand. He answered to no one, drank too much and smoked like a diesel. He was one of my idols. I often pestered him for advice.

One evening over beers, I was griping to him about how my income had stubbornly plateaued. I despaired of ever getting ahead, fearing that there was no way to make decent money at this freelance thing.

He listened to me bitch for a while. Then he said, “So charge twice as much.”

I laughed him off. I recited eleven reasons why that was utterly unrealistic and stupid. Clients would never stand for it. You had to remain competitive and reasonable. There are 6790 copywriters per square mile out here. There are norms. Budgets are tight. I’d never land any more work. Clients would think I was deluded.

Then he shrugged. “I never thought of it that way. I guess you arestuck, then.”

(He was playing that Socrates-guru-zen-grasshopper game. Which I hated. It always took me too long to understand what he was getting at.)

But weeks later, it hit me. The exercise he wanted me to go through was a bit painful. A little discouraging and humbling. But it clarified everything. The sun came out. It also revealed what was holding me back, what I needed to work on.

Now I’m inflicting it on you.

You need to think about this…

You’re totally hooked, right? Have to know how this ends? Me, too.

Check out more of Walt‘s awesome sauce by visiting his site here.

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