Vintage Spotlight: Pinkham Road Retro

I follow Pinkham Road Retro on Instagram, and you would, too, if you know what’s good for you. 😉 This is a wonderful example of how creative folk are using social media to help spread the word about their businesses in the vernacular of the platform. It helps that Joanna’s dresses, sense of style, and eye for detail are absolutely impeccable.

Thanks to She Loves Dresses for helping me learn why there’s more to love about Pinkham Road Retro than just her wares alone.

One thought on “Vintage Spotlight: Pinkham Road Retro

  1. I am so flattered by your comment and your reblog! I really love what I do and because I’m in the beginning stages of my company I never have a chance to nose around and see how people are responding to Pinkham Road Retro! Your post is the reason why I’m thankful today! Please tag me on Instagram… if Im not following yet…. I would love, too! Thank you so much again! Joanna

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