A Damn Fine Compliment

I have every intention of posting later, but I wanted to share this post by an impressive writer that I have been quietly stalking.

Recently, I mentioned that Robert Isenberg is definitely an author worth familiarizing yourself with in one of my Captain’s Logs about NaNoWriMo. (Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be working on THAT instead of checking out your WP Reader?)

Anyway, I guess HE was touched that I was touched by his writing, which in turn I found really touching. You did it, fella–your short story was awesome, and, clearly, you should be churning them out. I hope you’ll let me know once you’ve compiled your first collection.

In this Reddit-friendly, meta, snarky world, it’s easy to get used to recycling the same weak memes and that familiar haughty superiority. Sometimes, though, there’s something to be said with just being genuine. Isenberg’s writing is just that.

See what I mean by visiting his blog, linked below.


photo-12A funny bit of trivia: When I first arrived at the University of Pittsburgh in 1997, my goal was to become a Great American Novelist. Pitt has the oldest creative writing program in the nation (a fun distinction, even if it doesn’t really mean anything), and I wanted to study fiction writing. I was salivating to write mind-blowing short stories and books and then publish them everywhere. Since I had odd tastes, I fancied myself the future Umberto Eco.

Since those whimsical early years, I have become almost every kind of writer but a novelist. I have been a working journalist since 1999, earning nearly all of my income from newspapers and magazines. I have written more than a dozen plays and scores of monologues, and they have received splendid productions by talented theater companies. I have written marketing material, press releases, PSAs, how-to guides, and award-winning poetry. I love…

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