NaNoWriMo Day Eight

On this day eight, I am just now getting home. It’s been a busy day.

And it’s date night. It would be against the rules not to observe. We had plans to watch one Netfllix and one OnDemand movie. But I’m gonna have to ask for a good cause exception.

Sunday is usually the night that my sister and I take our men and have dinner with my family–we do it every weekend. But we had a conflicting schedule, and so we made it Saturday instead. So after work, we drove to the edge of South Hill for dinner with my people.

I was worried about piggy all day, and imagined the most gruesome fates. In case you have literally no clue what I’m talking about, the Reader’s Digest Condensed version is:

I have a pet potbelly pig, and he seems really ill. He doesn’t act like he doesn’t feel well, but he’s having some sort of internal bleeding. Friends tell me that this is actually relatively normal for, say, a bladder infection, and prescribed home remedies. Which I have administered, along with extra doses of love and attention. Bebop (that’s his name) loves the extra belly rubs, but his condition seems to be persistent. Slightly improved, but not like I was hoping for.

Then I convinced myself that when I came home today, he would be all better. I have a real proclivity towards either being far too worried, or not nearly worried enough. I decided that a fair amount of positive vibrations coupled with good karma would see Bebop doing a little piggy foxtrot with a top hat and cane when I checked on him tonight. Not so.

He’s not keen on travel, ever since we bought the SUVs. So taking him anywhere is kind of a non-option. I mean, I could do it…but I could do a lot of things. I could take up cage fighting or pottery, but those two things would be about as effective as trying to force Bebop to do anything.

I’ll have to get a mobile vet. And keep giving him lots of fluids (he’s drinking a gallon of fluids or more a day). And, of course, worry in excess. That’s always pretty effective.

What I’m saying is, my head is elsewhere tonight. I’ll do my damnedest to carry on, though.

I was thinking that days like today, days where there are just other things going on and other priorities, work and family, are the days where it can be easy to blow off your 1500 words.

I won’t if you don’t. Deal?


potbelly pig