NaNoWriMo Day Seven…and Other Tragedies

Welcome, all of you dedicated novelists.

We are gathered here today to pay respects to ALL OF MARIAH’S WRITING SO FAR!!! There isn’t space enough to write all of the necessary exclamation marks to capture my bulging eyes, torn hair, smeared eyeliner, and empty candy wrappers that this loss portends.

See, what had happened was…(I always say that. It’s not really bad grammar; it’s a reference to one of my favorite Mad tv sketches, Bon Qui Qui

…So, as you may or may not remember, I was thinking last night that maybe I wouldn’t do my 1600 words. But then, after chronicling here about how I didn’t know if I was awake enough to keep writing, I had this dull but effective burst of energy. I wrote 3,000 words, ostensibly putting me ahead a whole day. Don’t get me wrong–it wasn’t great, Pulitzer Prize winning,Pushcart Nomination stuff. It was definitely first draft material. But it was coming out pretty effortlessly, and that was worth its weight in gold to this weary scribe.

I clicked Save, and then I got up to grab a glass of water. I pet the cat as I stood up. She had been purring to the right of the laptop for more than an hour, and I thanked her for all of her tireless devotion to our cause. I stopped in the bathroom to stare at my own face, congratulating myself noiselessly on a job well done and toasting my reflection.

Ah…Brita water. I know, I spoil myself.

And I came back to find kitty kneading the keyboard. She looked at me impishly while I stood slack-jawed in the doorway. All I could see were rows and rows of little hyphens. Look what I can do, her green eyes said to me. I’m doing NaNoWriMo, too.

It’s my own fault. The first rule of NaNoWriMo is practically to back up everything. I hadn’t installed the newest version of Word onto my laptop yet, meaning that I tried frantically salvaging my work with the Undo button, but to no avail. Consider this an argument for Microsoft 360, ladies and gentlemen.

So that’s my advice for the end of Week One, comrades:  nothing is safe. [squints at the Offender, who even as I write this is switching her tail back and forth and glaring at me, wondering why I look several shades redder than usual].

So:  Back that draft up like Juvenile said, and keep on keeping on. And I guess I’ll be spending my weekend trying to catch up.