NaNoWriMo Day Six


…and I’m watching the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on Netflix. A few thoughts for my fellow Turtles nerds:

a) is it just me, or was Casey Jones a little stern of hand in offering April O’Neil that shoulder rub in that Grapes of Wrath, Land-That-Time-Forgot farm house?

b) Why did people think perms were a good idea? And why did April wear a sort of kitschy, Blossom wardrobe if she was the “top reporter” at her news station? Also, what was her motivation to flash her gams at those hormonal, sexually-charged teenage ninjas?

c) Did anyone like Leonardo? Maybe he suffers from the curse of the leader (White Power Ranger, Blossom [the Powerpuff Girl], etc.), but as a character, he’s just so righteous and unconflicted.

d) How boss is this soundtrack? I obviously need to get ahold of all of the jams from Splinter’s Hideout for Wayward Boys.

e) Right before 1:15, I got a real kick out of how many times Casey Jones gets bi&*h-slapped by Shredder’s right hand goon.

f) Did Splinter and David Bowie have the exact same costume designer? Google his outfit; it looks like a gown Bette Midler might wear had sex with a one-piece pantsuit that Cher might have in her closet.

g) My beau used to drive a garbage truck, and I’m here to tell you: crushing Shredder in a dump truck was both an effective end to the problem that he posed, as well as very serious overkill. As a follow-up, if I’m not mistaken his saber-studded helmet saves the Shredder from being crushed to death and allows for his reappearance in the sequel, The Secret of the Ooze. I have watched a garage truck snap a sturdy couch in half like it was just a corrugated cardboard box, and I can assure you, no one is coming back from that kind of smooshing.

h) I wish that all of my contract negotiations went as smoothly as Ms. O’Neil s went at the end there. Very smoothly done. That transaction may have set the bar a little high for my goals as a negotiate. Have you ever tried to even ask for a raise? Because that’s not how it goes…especially after you’ve been fired, I imagine.

This is from the Secret of the Ooze, but my pig is named after Bebop (who apparently isn't IN the live action series), so it made the  cut.

This is from the Secret of the Ooze, but my pig is named after Bebop (who apparently isn’t IN the live action series), so it made the cut.

That’s all I’ve got. And all of this is really just to say that I’m stalling. I’ve had this mildly terrible stomach ache for days now, and it’s really zapping my drive.

In case you were wondering, I skipped yesterday. I am a terrible person, obviously. I’ll probably die a slow, appropriately lazy death. Maybe it’s all the stretching and deep breathing I’ve been forcing myself to do lately, but I’m actually pretty okay with it.

Being comfortable with falling short is not my thing. I’ve always been more self-critical than the average bear, and have always had a tendency to be pretty hard on myself. It’s something I’m working on (but not too hard, since it makes for some pretty solid writing material). My goal for NaNoWriMo is pretty lax in this, my first year:  finish.

For those of you are way more motivated than me and probably miles ahead, have you had a chance to check out the forums on the NaNoWriMo website? There are some really phenomenal links, including a free-for-all bank of places and character names, a discussion on forming outlines and keeping characters aligned and on track, and forums about resources and favorite books on writing.

Tune in in the coming days, because I plan to experiment using a completely different writing style for at least one chapter and see how it pans out for me. Por ejemplo, maybe I write one chapter as if I were Jane Austen (which I would never do because Jane Austen makes me want to shave my head and start bar fights…but maybe like William Carlos Williams or Chuck Palachunik.) Maybe. Or maybe I won’t. I’m keeping it loose–this is NaNo, baby–like Sparta, but with way fewer swords and abs. Or Game of Thrones, with maybe 1/6 of the boobs.Or like Mork and Mindy, only without Mindy.

Write, onward!