NaNoWriMo Day Five

Ugh. The day I’ve had. It all started rocky enough when I realized that I had emailed the wrong person about the wrong thing and made myself look hasty. Ick. While I was debating how best to deal with that–my options being ignore it and hope it goes unnoticed, or draw attention to it and explain–I saw that my baby pig was having some gastric issues.

Okay; “baby” is not a particularly accurate label. My piglet is actually…8? I think he’s about 8 years old now, maybe older. 2006…it’s 2014…so 8 sounds right. Anyway, he’s never really had any health issues, outside of his weight. He appears to have kidney stones, if my compulsive Googling and the unabated haranguing of my farmer pals has told me anything at all.

So…yeah.. I spent probably two hours walking him, fluffing up his straw and making sure that there were no hidden razor blades or ninja swords or Penthouse magazines that he could have gotten a papercut on. I fed him water-based veggies until he was more or less spitting them out. To make him feel like he was in good company, I ate probably three leaves of lettuce before deciding that the quality of our Romaine lettuce is really coming in to question.

What does all this have to do with NaNoWriMo, you ask? I’m getting there.

So after that, I had a few things to wrap up. Which I more or less did. But my mounting preoccupation with yoga distracted me sometime around 3:30. So I stopped working in order to do that. Then I got, like, phone calls in a row at this very pivotal and sweaty pose. And they were those kind of phone calls where you start out the conversation by saying, breathlessly, “Hey, I can’t really talk right now, what’s up?” but the people just sort of keep talking. Apparently Locust isn’t all that hard to hold and talk, though.

Then it was time for dinner. Hell, it was past time for dinner by the time I got up from my last stretch to cook..n But I run, and lately I’ve been hearing this insanely loud clicking anytime I extend and retract my left foot. So I let my more feminine and graceful friends talk me into a month of yoga. Which, in case you’re wondering, is much harder than it looks.

More lettuce and baby carrots for Bebop, and that Garlic Chicken crap from Costco that I love so much for us. And then dinner was done. So we watched A Million Ways to Die in the Old West, and then I decided to wrap up at least one of my little projects for the night before bed.

And THAT’S when I remembered:  Oh yeah, it’s Day 5. I should have about 8.500 words by the end of the night… Yeah. About that…

And so here I am. Day 5, and a blank page ahead of me. And, I’m not gonna lie to you, people, I’m seriously thinking about giving in to the dark side and not writing tonight. Aren’t I just the worst kind of awful?

I don’t know why, either. Truth be told, I actually had a few topics to write about as backup today, just in case I found myself too disinterested to stay on track with my outline (which was sort of my problem last night). I was ready–I came to this knife fight ready to dance. But–as so many of us can probably relate to–I really just want to belly up, watch some Netflix, and get ready to recharge.

For those of you writers who are having a similar problem, I wanted to encourage you NOT to give in. I discovered something kind of cool today that I wanted to share with you. It’s the NaNoWriMo Reddit. There’s also a Writing Prompt Reddit, and I thought that these two things were the bees knees. Check them out, because I know you like cool stuff and creative ways to stay on task.

Until Day 6, you word count wizards! [tips her hypothetical hat]

Also, I found this funny, and am posting it here. Because I am.

Tolkien Bro

Here’s a thread that I’m reading and re-reading to try and guilt myself into excellence this evening. Perhaps you, too, will find it inspiring:

[–]vampedvixen0 – 1k words 1 point 36 minutes ago

Pub Crawls are awesome for writing fast and getting massive word counts. I find them really fun and entertaining.

Word wars are also awesome. You can find them in the forums or you can just time yourself. Set a timer for ten minutes and write as much as you can. Then take a five minute break and try another ten minutes after that, trying to break your last score.

Just try to have fun with it and kick your Inner Editor out for the month of November.

Another thing I try is to set a goal for each hour I’m awake. Say I’m awake for 15 hours a day and I tell myself I’m gonna take five minutes each hour to write 300 words. That’s 4500 words in a day. Mini goals like that are awesome because they add up to big results at the end of the day.

Another thing to consider is to try to figure out WHY it’s taking you so long to write that many words. Not enough outlining (take some time to write up an outline), too much outlining (scrap it), looking up too many words (just stop, editing is for December, your first draft is gonna suck but that’s okay, that’s why it’s called your First Draft), not brave enough to face the blank page (tell your anxiety to fuck off), friends telling you you’re stupid for even trying (tell them to fuck off)– just do some deep reflection on what is holding you back.

Also, get off of Reddit. heh. I know it’s tempting to check in to this subreddit or the boards but that’s not gonna boost your word count.

[–]FirewhiskyGuitar 1 point 25 minutes ago

I struggle with that as well- this is my first year doing NaNo and before I’ve only done short pieces.

The big thing to remember is that this is just a first draft. And I don’t mean first draft in the sense that you try to make it good to minimize editing later, like changing the structure of a sentence or fixing a few grammar/spelling errors. This is a true first draft that sometimes shouldn’t make any sense.

I like to think more of it as brainstorming. Just write what comes to mind and keep writing, and keep going and just go and go despite the urge to make it semi-decent or even readable. Just write. Later, when the month is up, you can edit and take out the things that don’t make sense, but at least you wrote them, and you never know, they may give you inspiration/other ideas.

Hope that helps, it’s been working for me thus far.