NaNoWriMo Day Four

Happy fourth day of NaNoWriMo, novelers! I’m posting late today, because I’m a bad egg. Psh–don’t judge me! I have grown-up stuff to do. Places to go. Scones to gobble. You understand.

I hope that everyone is on track, feeling focused, staying on point. As I mentioned, I do have a few things in the works. And I spent way too much of my free time today trying to figure out why I can’t figure out how in the hell to do plow pose, so I feel as if that sort of dawdling has been pretty characteristic of my day. But it’s over now, thank goodness.

plow pose

I can’t do this. Yet. I’ll just write 2,000 words or more about it…that outta show this ancient bendy posture who’s lower back is in charge around here.

I hope everyone is doing amazing, on schedule or on par. If you’re not, however, don’t worry! We’re not even a week in; there’s still plenty of time to try and wrap this up before the end of the month.

I don’t have much news today, just a few resources. For one, I read about something called Tablo that I’ve never heard of before. I love HeyPublisher and Submittable, so I was thinking that Tablo would be along those lines for authors and artists. (In case you haven’t come across either of those submission managers, these are two common ways that literary magazines and some publishers accept writing and art.)

Tablo had this to say for itself when I signed up today to check it out:

Hello authors!

We’re excited to release a few new features that make it even easier to connect with readers.

Free Publishing
We’ve heard your feedback and we’ve just launched a new pricing tier that allows any author to publish their books for free. Set your own price, manage your own content and reach Amazon and the iBooks Store with a small 20% royalty going to Tablo 🙂

Word Document Importing
Now you can drop a Word document into Tablo and we’ll auto-magically turn it into a book. Just click ‘New Book’ and ‘Upload a Document’. Getting your stories into Tablo has never been easier.

Following Profiles
If you find an author you like, you can now follow their profile. Every time they publish a new book or an update, you’ll be the first to hear about it. Alternatively, you can now promote your own profile to your readers and have them follow you. It’s an awesome way to build a following and stay in touch with readers!

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback. If there’s something you like or think we could improve please respond and let us know 🙂

Take care,

That’s all I know about that. If anyone uses the service and would like to contribute, I’m always interested in honest reviews about services and products for us scribbly types. From what I can see, it looks as if the service provides the same in-depth stats that you might expect from a content management system (like analytic and viewer demographic, pant-size, name and astrological sign…you know, the basics). As you read, the service also offers cloud storage of your novel, integrates sharing via social media, and keeps you motivated with stats about what you’ve penned thus far. All in all, I am intrigued but unmoved.

I use Google Docs, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Pages via iCloud for everything, so I’m not dying to find another editor. But if you are, there are other kind of cool services that are available in beta just in time for NaNoWriMo. Called Novlr, it’s not unlike Blank Page. It’s free for now, though, so if you’re interested, now might be a good time to check it out. In the name of science. Based on what I’ve seen, they are all pretty damn similar.