Interview with Niantic Labs Crew for the Ingress Anomaly Event Sept. 27

I had a blast talking about Google’s one-of-a-kind app Ingress with Niantic Lab’s awesome crew. We met at Tacoma’s Wright Park, the conclusion to this season’s live event tour for Ingress, to talk a little bit about Ingress and what makes it great.

(Right to left:) Olga Garcia, Event Coordinator; Ethan Lepouttre (who mans the November Lima van); Brian Rose, Community Manager and pig flooper.

If you missed out on this round of Anomaly Events, all is not lost! There will be more chances to shape the future of the fight for mankind starting October 18, 2014. You can find out more about Ingress and how to get started by downloading the app for Android or iOS, or by vistiting the Ingress home page here.

Want to learn more about Field Trip, Niantic Labs other real-world exploration utility? You will after you watch this video.

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